About Us

Our company, Brian and Rons Artisitic Machinging Co, BaRAMCo, was founded on the idea of applying our passion making things, with those of our learned skillsets acquired form many years of work in heavy industry. Brian & Ron have worked in mills and foundrys most of their adult lives. 


Beginning in 2004 we started to "fool around" with CNC by constructing our own small router from scratch. That project was put into the corner of the shop for a couple of years while we explored other interesting things to have fun with. When we dusted the little router off a few years later, and after a lot of trial and error, we discovered that the machine could produce some interesting pieces and we decided to push the envelope. Needless to say, we caught the bug to advance our creativity.


That is why we are especially happy to find other people who share our passion for preserving treasured memories in a unique medium that will last for generations.


Don't hesitate to contact us, what can we create for you today!